Recommended Suzuki Instruments for Music Therapy

Suzuki Music Pads
Suzuki's Music Pads are a fun way to explore sound - your group of children can experiment with this one octave set of tuned pads (no batteries or power required). Stand on them, sit on them, use your hands, elbows or knees! Great as an introduction to ensemble playing too as each child can be given one or two pads to play. read more
Suzuki music PadsSuzuki Music Pads
Suzuki Tonechimes


Suzuki brings the excitement of handbell playing directly to your school, church or music group with our affordable Tonechimes which are precision crafted and perfectly tuned. Critically acclaimed around the globe, Suzuki handchimes are an ideal supplement to your own choir, or start and build on a new set. read more

Suzuki Qchord

The Q Chord is an ideal accompaniment instrument, which therefore makes it popular with a wide variety of different outlets and groups, such as churches, Primary schools, Pre-schools/Kindergarten, Scouts, Girl Guides, caravan and camping etc. The very soothing melodic sounds of the Q Chord make it ideal for use in therapy groups and therapeutic applications. Many organisations are now using it for this. read more


Suzuki Hand Percussion

Our Suzuki range of extremely high quality hand percussion not only sounds great but is designed to cope with the day to day rigours of educational use. read more


Additional Items

Suzuki Bird Tweeter. You can control pitch (to a small degree); relaxing pressure will result in lower tones, applying more pressure produces higher tones. Beautifully Japanese made device in solid wood and brass, supplied with a small bag of dry lubricant (powder). read more