Tuning Fork

Tuning ForkKey: C (A=440hz)
Length: 110mm
Accessories: Blue Plastic Wallet

A small, handy, pocket sized tuning fork complete with plastic wallet for protection. When struck it produces a C tone.

£6.59 (free delivery on orders over £50)

Pitch Pipes
Pitch PipesNotes: E, B, G, D, A, E (A=440 Hz)
Size (In Case): 70mm x 53mm x 19mm
Accessories: Red Plastic Case

Perfect for tuning acoustic or electronic instruments. It does not require batteries, simply blow through the required 'pipe' and the internal reed will play the correct pitch.

 £6.99 (free delivery on orders over £50)

Key Ring HarmonicaKey Ring harmonica
Key Ring Harmonica (K1200)
Holes: 4 (8 playable notes) in C
Size (harmonica): 40mm x 15mm x 12mm
Retail packaged.

Always losing your keys? If you are a Harmonica player they will never be far away with this handy 4 hole, 8 note musical instrument in the key of C. Made In Japan

Necklace Coin Harmonica
Necklace HarmonicaHoles: 4 (8 playable notes) in C
Size: 40mm x 15mm x 12mm
Chain Length: 43cm (approx.)
Retail packaged

A really nicely made traditional 4 hole harmonica with red plastic combe, brass reed plates and chrome plated cover plates. It is in the Key of C and has 8 playable notes. The chain is gold coloured with spring clasp.  

Bird Call
Bird CallBird Call
Size: 84mm x 20mmx 20mm
Accessories: Dry Lubricant.
Retail Packaged

This ingenious little device sounds just like a tweeting bird! An interesting addition to your percussion ensemble or just to confuse local ornithologists. You can control pitch (to a small degree); relaxing pressure will result in lower tones, applying more pressure produces higher tones. Beautifully Japanese made device in solid wood and brass, supplied with a small bag of dry lubricant (powder).

Suzuki Prices
Tuning Fork  £6.59
Pitch Pipe Set (Guitar) £6.99
Pitch Pipe Set (Chromatic) 17.99
Key ring Harmonica  £10.99
Necklace Harmonica  £10.99
Bird Tweeter  £10.99