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Advanced Grande Réponse Balanced Hammer Action
Advanced Balanced Hammer Action Keyboard accurately recreates the feel of an acoustic grand piano. For realism it uses a new balanced hammer action that lets you feel the hammers and cushions as you play. Its the music teachers choice for digital pianos.
Clear Easy to use information center. The central display is clearer and easier to use than ever before. It shows the current condition of the Piano along with other relevant information to help with your performance. The Piano also features on board self teaching software.

Grand Piano Button

As well as a 1200 strong library of exciting sounds the Grand Piano button resets operations of the keyboard to the 'Grand Piano' preset sound making it easy to leave one area of operation and return to the acoustic piano setting.
APSRS II (Acoustic Piano String Resonance Simulation) technology is based on real recordings of a carefully tuned and adjusted world-class concert grand piano. It has been sampled across the keyboard to capture all sound variations. For the ultimate in acoustic instrument realism, APSRS II technology delivers.
APSRS II Sound Source
A powerful sound engine and Acoustic Piano String Resonance Simulation provide amazingly detailed, rich sound. Each instrument sound has been carefully sampled and contains more memory than ever, so you hear more of the characteristics of each – including the player’s natural vibrato.

USB & Bluetooth

The USB port and Bluetooth connection allows you to play along or just listen to the millions of available MP3 or MIDI music files either from a connected device or USB drive. You will receive, free of charge, a USB drive loaded with popular Piano and Orchestral works. USB enables you to easily transfer the music files from your computer using a standard USB drive (up to 128gb) or just pair your phone for wireless playback. Many websites offer free MP3 and MIDI files as well as commercial files that you can buy. 

256-Note Polyphony

With 256-note polyphony, you get virtually unlimited dynamic expression on your performances. You can even combine different instrumental sounds for a rich, layered effect. 256-note polyphony also ensures that there are no note dropouts so that you can play in the same style and stamina as you would an Acoustic Concert Grand Piano.  

Separate DSP Effects & Performance Enhancements

You can add enhanced DSP effects and traditional effects like Chorus and Reverb to your music. This Grand Piano also offers separate equalization functions for each part, letting you sound sculpt your tone to create studio-quality sound. In addition this new model allows you to select special articulation features not available on previous models. (Such as Portamento, Modulation etc)

Advanced Arranger

The is a full Ensemble Grand Piano. You have at your fingertips a comprehensive library of modern and traditional styles to suit all tastes and genres of music. Panel Memories (ONE TOUCH SETTINGS) easily recall your favourite sounds, balances, rhythms, and tempos with the push of a button. 

1200 Sounds!

 The Grande Réponse III includes a comprehensive library of 1200 incredibly realistic instrument tones. Whether you choose from the multiple sound categories or use the Data Wheel, the sound you want is easy to find.

One Touch Play

With one touch play, you can set up the right sound combination for each Auto Accompaniment Orchestra rhythm pattern with the press of a button.

Complete Drum Kit Selection

Multiple drum kits have been sampled from a fully assembled drum kit to ensure that every sound is authentically reproduced.

Explosive Sound System

With 200 watts of Stereo power, the sound delivery system creates a powerful, crisp and realistic three-dimensional sound to ensure its concert hall sound reproduction.

BLUETOOTH, USB & MIDI Expandability

Our USB & MIDI Ports ensures compatibility with other manufacturers products, GM, GM2, and most other industry software. Bluetooth, MIDI and USB sockets also let you connect to any other MIDI-compatible equipment. Additionally the USB port allows you to connect your piano to a PC to digitally record the music you create. You can even connect a laptop (fitted with USB or other appropriate connections or via FDD) to transfer and read music downloaded from the Internet.

Included Accessories

  • Matching padded bench
  • Suzuki Piano Player Tuition Book
  • USB Drive (with many musical pieces pre loaded)
  • User Guides 
  • Microphone


This instrument is CE approved.

These Piano's have been specifically designed for UK distribution. Pianos purchased from outside of the UK (particularly outside of the European Union may not have passed certain electrical criteria, and thus may not have the above CE declaration of conformity. As the official UK distributor of Suzuki Musical Instruments, Suzuki Europe Ltd fully guarantee all instruments purchased from ourselves (that of course carry CE approval). We are NOT responsible for any warranty issues you may have with products purchased outside of the United Kingdom.