TonechimesSuzuki brings the excitement of handbell playing directly to your school, church or music group with our affordable Tonechimes.

Tonechimes are precision crafted, perfectly tuned and offer a wide range of note choices from C3 through to G7. Critically acclaimed around the globe, Suzuki Tonechimes are an ideal and cost effective supplement to your own Handbells, or start and build on a new set. (listen to demo)

TonechimesFeature For Feature, Suzuki ToneChimes are your best Choice. Careful consideration has been made to the features necessary to ensure your Tonechime experience rewarding and enjoyable. Our special lightweight alluminium alloy tubular bells have rounded tone chambers for easy handling. Striker mechanisms are adjustable for variable expression. And overtone tuning ensures perfect harmonics.  

Start off small, then expand to 4 full Octaves - A Suzuki Exclusive! TonechimesSuzuki ToneChime sets are designed for expandability. Begin with the HB-250, our 25 note, octave set.

As your experience level increases, our HB-120A expands your original set to 3 octaves. Finally, our exclusive 4th octave add-on set, HB-120B completes your ToneChime collection. No other company offers this kind of versatility
Tonechimes go wherever you do in beautiful protective travel cases. As rugged as they are attractive, each Tonechime set is provided with its own travel case. Models HB-250 and HB-120A include Luxury Cases which have a retractable handle and wheels. Tonechimes fit snugly into their own individual labelled cutout for storage or travel. You can expect your Tonechimes to perform flawlessly year after year.

Audio Demo

You may need to 'allow blocked content' to listen to the Audio file, otherwise you can download the full version here: Download Tonechime Demo
Chromatic Sets

Tonechime Note Layout Chart


The HB-250 is our foundation set providing a complete two octave range from G4 through to G6. Other sets can be used to increase the note range up to G7 and down to C3.

Suzuki HB250 Tonechime setSupplied in an attractive and sturdy flight case which benefits from wheels and retractable handle for easy and safe transportation. The upper and lower parts of the case separate .

Adjustment Tool set, spare felts and instructions included. 

• 2 Octave Chromatic Set
• 25 Notes G4~G6 (g1~g3)
• Luxury Travel Case (89x8x37cm, 8.2kg)
• For reference C5=middle C


Price: £1217


Suzuki Tonechimes HB-120aSuzuki HB120A Detail viewThe HB-120A is an add on set to compliment the HB250. This set extends the note range down to C4 and up to C7 providing a full three octave chromatic range. An attractive travel case with wheels and retractable handle protects your Tonechimes when in storage and on the move.

Suzuki HB-120A Tonechome Case

• 3rd Octave Add-on set
• 12 Notes C4~F#4 • G#6~C7 (c1~f#1•g#3~c4)
• Luxury Travel Case
• for reference C5=middle C


Price - £989.00  


Suzuki Tonechimes HB-120bThe HB-120B is an add on set to compliment the HB250 and HB120A. This set extends the note range down to G3 and up to G7 providing a full four octave chromatic range. An attractive case protects your Tonechimes when in storage and on the move.

HB-120B Tonechime Set• 4th Octave Add-on set
• 12 Notes G3~B3 C#7~G7 (g~b c#4~g4)
• Travel Case
• for reference C5=middle C

Price - £1183.00


Suzuki Tonechimes HB-7cThe HB-7c add on set will take your Chromatic Tonechime range two octaves below middle; down to C3. We recommend the HB-7 is used in conjunction with HB250, HB120A and HB120B but can also be useful to enhance your existing sets.

5th Lower Octave Add-on set
7 Notes C3~F#3 (c~f#)
Travel Case
for reference C5=middle C

Price - £1639.99


Suzuki Tonechimes HB-3cThe HB-3c features three notes from the HB-7. It is a limited edition set based on popular customer requests. It consists of three Tonechimes in the low octave. C3, F3 and G3. Notes C3 and F3 have their own Gig Bags, however no case is provided for G3.

• 3 Notes Bass Set
• C3 • F3 • G3)
• Aluminium Body
• for reference C5=middle C

Price - £334.99


Diatonic Sets


HB-160The HB-160 is our primary Diatonic Tonechime Set. It includes 16 Tonechimes ranging from A4 to F6. As with all the sets, it is provided with a an atractive case to protect your Tonechimes whilst in storage and travel.

HB-160 Case• 16 Note Diatonic Set (a4~f6 with Bb1, F#2, Bb2)
• Aluminium Body, Rubber Head
• Travel case (58x8x37cm)
• for reference C5=middle C
• weight: 5.3kg

HB-160 Note Chart

Price: £915.99


Suzuki Tonechimes HB-100The HB-100 Set is our top octave 10 note diatonic Tonechime Set. It can be used as a standalone set or as an add on to the HB-160 (notes C6-F6 will double up). Complete with travel case.

• 10 Notes Diatonic Set
• C6~C7 with F6# and A#6 (C3-C4 with F#3 and A#3)
• Travel case
• for reference C5=middle C

HB-100 Case

HB-100 Note Chart

Price: £669.99

Individual Tonechimes

tonechimesWe are now able to offer individual Tonechimes between C3 and G7.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


MT-1L Music Table

MT-1LMusic Table (44.89cm) 

Portable and robust table for use during performance.
Double X style frame can be folded flat for storage or transportation.


Stock low, please call


Price List

Product ID Description RRP
HB-250 25 Note, 2 octave Tonechime set, including travel case 1217.00
HB-120A 12 Note, 3rd octave add on Set with case 989.00
HB-120B 12 Note, 4th octave add on Set with case 1183.00
HB-160 16 Note Diatonic Tonechime set, including case 915.99
HB-100 10 Note Diatonic Tonechime set, including case 669.99
HB-3C 3 Note Bass Bell Tonechime set (C3, F3, G3) 334.99
HB-7C 7 Notes , 5th lower octave add-on set 1639.99
MT-1L Music Table (44 x 89cm) 184.99
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