MP-8 Diatonic Music Pad Set
Model: MP-8
Diatonic Set of 8

£439.99 per set.

Suzuki Music Pads 
Suzuki's Music Pads are a fun way to explore sound - your group of children can experiment with this one octave set of tuned pads (no batteries or power required). Stand on them, sit on them, use your hands, elbows or knees! Great as an introduction to ensemble playing too as each child can be given one or two pads to play.
Suzuki Music PadsSuzuki music PadsSuzuki Music PadsSBO Music Pad Award 2019

MP-6c Now Play complete chords!
Model: MP-6c
Set of 6 Chord

£439.99 per set.

Suzuki MP-6C Music Chord Pads 
Now you can play six chords with the newest set of Music Pads. As with the MP-8 Diatonic set, no batteries or power required. Stand on them, sit on them, use your hands, elbows or knees! Use on their own or with the MP-8 set.
MP-6c Chord Chart
Example Uses:
Music Pad Sample1 Music Pad Sample 2

MPP-8 P-tunes Push Pump Set

Suzuki MPP-8 Push PumpsFollowing the success of our Music Pads for use on the floor, Suzuki introduce P-tunes, the Music Push Pumps. Each Push Pump is individually tuned to a musical note and requires no batteries to use. Simply place it on a surface and press with your hand. As the Push Pump compresses, air is forced through the reed emitting a tone. Press gently and enjoy a softer tone, or harder for louder and shorter tones.

Why not attach a Push Pump to your arms, legs or hands for fun, music learning games that improve coordination? Simply thread a cord or similar (not supplied) through the base.

Model: MPP-8
Set of 8

Price: £69.00 per 8 note set
Clearly marked, fun stickers on the top of each Push Pump makes notes easily recognisable by colour or note name.

P-tunes music scale


Suzuki Mpp-8 Push pumpSuzuki MPP-8 Music Push pumpSuzuki MPP-8 Music Push PumpSuzuki MPP-8 Music Push Pump


Range: c² - c³, 1 Octave 8notes set
Measurement Dia: 82 mm
 Height: 60 mm
Weight: 57g per pc

MPP-5 P-tunes Chromatic Add on Set
Suzuki P-Tunes Chromatic Add On SetThis Chromatic Add on set consist of 5 pieces (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#) which, when used with the MPP-8 set allows you to build a full octave set (12 notes).

Model: MPP-5
Set of 5 (Chromatic Add On)

Price: £55.99 per 5 note set
Range: Add on Set for octaves c² - c³  (C#, D#, F#, G# and A#)
Measurement Dia: 82 mm
 Height: 60 mm
Weight: 57g per pc
Suzuki P-Tunes add on

Example Uses
Suzuki P-TunesSuzuki P-TunesSuzuki P-Tunes

Product ID Description RRP
MP-8 8 notes diatonic set £439.99
MP-6c 6 Chord set £439.99
MPP-8 8 note diatonic set £69.00
MPP-5 Chromatic Add on Set £55.99
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