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Omnichord OM-108


Suzuki Omnichord Model OM-108
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OM-108 Omnichord.
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Omnichord OM-108
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What is an Omnichord?

playing an omnichordReleased in 1981, the Omnichord is an electronic musical instrument with an automatic accompaniment function (auto bass/chord) and equipped with a harp sensor. By pressing a chord button and sliding your finger on the harp sensor (strumplate), an arpeggio corresponding to the chord is heard, allowing anyone to easily accompany a song. Omnichord does not require any previous musical experience with an instrument, or even knowledge of staff notation. All that is needed are the chord names required to play a song which is a method commonly known as ‘tab’. Combined with its portability, Omnichord became extremely popular, especially in Europe and America as a new musical instrument that anyone can enjoy - anywhere. In addition, due to the unique electronic sounds that are reminiscent of the 80's, and the tactile way musical expressions are achieved, Omnichord has developed cult status around the world. It not only appears in recorded music, but also publicity photos, and has featured in the titles of songs and albums. The Omnichord name was discontinued after the OM-300 (released in 1996), but its popularity as a unique musical instrument has endured the test of time, and now, over 40 years later the Omnichord returns with the OM-108. 

You can play accompaniment straight away, even if you have never played a musical instrument before.

Simply press a chord button and slide your finger on the strumplate. In this way, you can play accompaniment to almost any song on the very same day you first try the Omnichord!

The sound of the classic OM-84 is reproduced with analogue circuits.
We put a great deal of effort into the design of the Omnichord so that it accurately reproduces the sound of the OM-84, a model that is hailed as a masterpiece for its tone and versatility. To achieve this in the OM-108, we decided to apply the same method for sound creation as the OM84, incorporating real analogue circuitry into the new model. In total, the OM-108 is equipped with 10 types of strumplate tones, whilst “omni1” and “omni2” reproduce the classic sound of the OM-84, revived for future generations to enjoy.

Omnichord overview

Equipped with both retro and new tones. (2)

VoicesThe OM-108 includes a selection of timeless instrument tones that are both retro and current.  The “celeste”, “harp”, and “piano” featured in previous models. The “FM piano” tone is new, this is an electric piano sound that helped define 1980s music. The OM-108 is equipped with. “omni1” and “omni2” which use real analog circuitry. Other tones are reproduced using PCM sound generation.

There are 10 tones…omni1/omni2/harp/celeste/A.piano/guitar/FMpiano/organ /vibes/banjo(omni1 and omni2 have the same Main Voice but different Sub Voices).

Layer function that creates expression of sound. (5)

LayerThe model OM-84 was equipped with two electronic harp tones, allowing the tones to be layered and played. OM-108 reproduces this function. A tone that sounds beautiful when layered with the Main Voice has been assigned as a Sub Voice. To control each layer, simply turn the appropriate Volume knob. This enables real time control changes adding expression to your sound.

Updated rhythm selection with popular drum beats. (3)

patternsEven though many rhythms included in the OM-108 share the same names as previous models, they have been updated to incorporate rhythm patterns that are current. Also, for the first time on Omnichord, a trap beat (Hip Hop) has been included. We have selected “usable” rhythms that will allow you to play a wider variety of songs.

There are 10 kinds of rhythm…rock1/rock2/slow rock/country/swing/disco/hip hop/funk/bossanova/waltz

Adding sus4 and add9 allows OM-108 to play 108 chords (4)

The “sus4”' and “add9” chords, often used in popular music, have been added. It is now possible to play a total of 108 chord types, hence the model number ‘OM-108’. The Omnichord has developed into an instrument that can be played more intuitively without having to substitute other chords.

Sensitive strumplate that fully expresses light touch playing. (6)

Equipped with a wide type strumplate similar to models OM-100 onwards. Every corner of the plate responds sensitively to light touch, so you can concentrate on playing without stress.

Drum pad on both chord buttons and strumplate. (1)

In addition to the melody keyboard, the OM-108 is equipped with drum pad mode for the first time as a function (when the "KEYBOARD" button is pressed). Owners of the OM-108 will be pleased to note the drum pad is assigned not only to the chord button, but also to the strumplate. This allows for the creation of interesting beats using the OM-108 retro drum kits.

Expand sound with MIDI OUT

jacksThe OM-108 not only sends chords and strumplate data, but also drum performance information from MIDI OUT. Strumplate information can be sent on two MIDI channels, allowing you to layer tones with external MIDI sound sources, or to layer the OM-108 internal sounds with external sound sources. The OM-108 has evolved into an instrument that invites you to explore more creative sounds using MIDI. 

Can be switched to OM-84 drum kit.

The OM-108 includes rhythm voicing from the OM-84, which is extremely popular for its early 1980s retro sound. You can switch the rhythm tones between OM-108 and OM-84 by using a special ‘power-on’ operation.

Play anytime, anywhere.

Although it has a built-in speaker, the Omnichord is small, lightweight, and battery-powered*, making it easy to carry and play. Connect an external amplifier and headphones, and you can perform anywhere, such as in the studio, performing at a live venue, or just playing in your bedroom! *Powered by 8, AA batteries or dedicated AC adapter (both sold separately).


realtimecontrolUsing “REAL TIME CONTROL”, the OM-108 integrates multiple functions for switching the way chords and rhythms are played. Whether you want to play at free tempo (without rhythm), add bass accompaniment, or start with a drum prelude, you can easily switch in real time even during a performance. 

The built-in speaker can also be used as a monitor. (7)

When connecting to an external speaker etc., you can turn on/off the sound produced by the speaker of the instrument. This is useful when you want to monitor your own sound during live performances. This is a new feature included on the OM-108 in direct response to user’s requests.


AC adapter 100-240V



Strap pin OSB-108

Gig Bag OGB-108