Suzuki Harmonica Accessories

Back To Top Diatonic Reed Plate Set Cross Reference

Although Suzuki Reed plates are extremely long lasting, over time they deteriorate and require replacement. Our genuine Suzuki Reed Plates Sets are pre tuned and pre gapped ready for installing.

Use the chart below to work out which are the correct reed plates for your Suzuki Diatonic.

Reed Plate Sets are available in the same keys as their corresponding Harmonicas

Repair and Maintenance videos available on our International Website

Harmonica Model: MR200 MR250 MR300 MR350 HA20 PH20 MR350V MR350VG C20 M20 SUB30 MR500 MR550
Reed Plate:

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SCX ReedplatesSuzuki Reed Plates Sets for SCX series are pre tuned and pre gapped ready for installing.

Reed Plate Sets are available in the same keys as their corresponding Harmonicas

Available Reed Plates:

  • RP-SCX48

  • RP-SCX56

  • RP-SCX64

If you require replacement Reed Plate Sets for our specialist Chromatic Harmonicas please contact us for assistance. 


Back To Top SNB-20 Shinobix Harmonica Silencer - For Stealth Harmonica Playing
hushShinobixShinobix (from Shinobu, meaning 'Stealth') is designed to lower the volume of your diatonic harmonica without affecting playablilty. This unique accessory is composed of a cover plate set which replaces your normal plates, directing the tone into Suzuki's custom made Silencer. The silencer utilizes individual spiral structures for each of the 10 reed chambers; effectively reducing the sound level by around 15-20db.

Can be purchased with or without matching black harmonica in C. Additional cover plates can also be purchased if you wish to make use of additional keys or your own Suzuki Harmonicas.

ShinobixCompatible Harmonicas:
● M-20 (exc low key)
● C-20
● F-20
● HA-20
● MR-550
● MR-350
● PH20N


Back To Top SH-101 Slide Oil

SH-101 Slide OilOur original specification slide oil is designed for fast and quiet operation of your Suzuki Chromatic Harmonica slide. It is non toxic with anti bacterial properties.

Repair and Maintenance videos available on our International Website



Back To Top MIC-3 Cleaning Cloth

MIC-3 ClothSuzuki's Microfiber cloths are made from synthetic fiber finer than one denier. (smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk). The shape, size, and combinations of synthetic fibers are selected for specific characteristics, including softness, toughness, absorption, water repellency, electrostatics, and filtering capabilities. The perfect cloth for wiping down your Suzuki Harmonica.


Back To Top Suzuki Harmonica Holders

The 'Hands free' kit for your Suzuki Harmonica.

Two Models available:

151 Harmonica Holder in Silver

151 Harmonica Holder







SSH-21 Harmonica Holder In Black

Suzuki SSH-21 Harmonica Holder


Back To Top Suzuki Harmonica Cases & Gig Bags

HC-6 Case

HC-6 CaseThe Suzuki HC-6 Case is a strong, soft lined wooden case with carry handle and lock. It will hold Six Diatonic Harmonicas. At the rear of the case is room for basic tools and cleaning cloth.



HC-12HC-12 Case

Similar construction to the HC-6, the Suzuki HC-12 can hold up to 12 Diatonic sized Harmonicas, along with tools and cleaning cloth. (Not included)

HC-12 Case (closed)






HC8- soft caseHC-8 Soft Case

The Suzuki HC-8 is a heavy duty Gig Bag type case for up to 8 Diatonic Sized Harmonicas. Can be attached around the waist for quick access to harmonicas during a performance or carried closed via a shoulder strap.

HC-8 soft case









Back To Top Suzuki Harmonica Accessory Price List

Accessories £ Inc VAT

RP-250 Reed plates for MR-250


RP-350 Reed plates for MR-350


PR-350V Reed plates for MR-350 Valved


RP-300 For MR-300 Overdrive


RPM-20 For M-20 and Olive C-20


RP-500/550 Reed plates for MR-500 and MR-550






Reed plates for SCX-48


Reed plates for SCX-56


Reed plates for SCX-64


Reed Plate RP-F20


SHO-01 Slide Oil


SNB-20 Shinobix Silencer set with case, includes harmonica in C


SNB-20CVS Shinobix Silencer with cover plates and screws 45.99 
SNB-20CV  Shinobix Cover Plates and screws 14.99 

MIC-3 Cleaning Cloth


151 Harmonica holder (silver)


SSH-21 Harmonica holder (black)


SSH-10-OR Harmonica holder (black)


HMH-100 Microphone


C15 cable for HMH-100


HRT-01 tool Repair Kit


HRT-10 Tool Set


10-HC-8 Soft Case Diatonic


10-HC-6 Wood  Case Diatonic


11-HC-12 Wood Case Diatonic


N-1200 Harmonica Necklace


K-1200 Harmonica key chain


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