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OM-108 shape2023 - and Suzuki celebrate their 70th anniversary. What better way to do this than revisit a few of their most popular musical instruments. Included is the Omnichord!

Rather than produce an evolution of the Qchord, Suzuki have opted to 're-imagine' the Omnichord series and include favourite features from earlier models along with new.

New Chords and Rhythms

For the first time since the 1980s, Suzuki expand the chord pallet from 84 chords to 108, with newly added Sus. 4 and Add 9 chords. Rather than full arrangements, as per OM-100 to QC-1, we see the return of the timeless OM-27/36/84 approach to rhythm and accompaniment. Familar patterns, along with a Trap Beat (Hip Hop) and tasteful Disco Funk are included for those who are 'Gettin' Jiggy wit It'.

Dual Strumplate Voices

The OM-108 brings back a strumplate feature only included on the OM-84: Dual Strumplate Voice. Although limited to only two sounds (Omnichord and Omnichord + modulation), OM-84 owners could blend these two sounds together, a really clever way of adding colour to the strumplate. The OM-108 has a variety of primary and secondary voices, including the original OM-84 tones.

The Shape of Things To Come

Although the new Omnichord is yet to be seen in public, we do know the OM-108 is slightly smaller than an OM-27 (see  image for comparison). This will make it much more travel friendly.

Note: Here at Omnichord Heaven, we have signed an NDA, specifications are updated only as Suzuki release information about the OM-108.

 Specifications (not complete)


SonicStrings Strumplate  Primary Voice: Omnichord,  FM Piano, Acoustic Piano, Harp, Celeste
Dual Voice: Omnichord (+ vibrato), Mellow Synth. Pad, Synth/Strings
Chord Buttons  38 soft touch buttons, 108 chords (Ma, Min, 7th, Maj 7th, Min 7th, Aug., Dim., Sus4., Add9. 
Chord Transpose   
Rhythms  Rock I, Hip Hop, Funk
Switch Buttons   
Auxiliary Jacks   
Body Colour   
Net Weight   
Dimensions  460mm x 250mm